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Welcome to The HR Fund - India’s first HR focused Private Investment Company


The HR Fund is India’s first HR focused Private Investment Company. Set up in 2011, It's vision is to transform the Human Capital space by institutionalizing HR entrepreneurship.

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The HR Fund’s current focus is on HR Technology/Software, Recruitment, Training, HR Analytics and Professional Employer Organizations. Our investors are HR entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs.

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At The HR FUND, our core strategy is to invest in companies that we believe can be market leaders in HR. We work with these companies to help implement strategy and create processes.

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  • people-strong-img

    PeopleStrong is a leading platform-based mpHRO (Multi-process HR Outsourcing) and technology company, headquartered at Gurgaon, India. It specializes in HR shared services, recruitment process outsourcing (RPO), payroll & compliance management, and cloud-based HR technology solutions

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  • people-matter-img

    People Matters is a leading HR knowledge, media and events platform based out of Gurgaon, India. It strives to create an HR community of practice and excellence between HR Managers, HR Service Providers and CXOs leading to growth and development of their most important asset, people

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  • Piqube Logo Final-02

    PiQube is an intelligent hiring app where companies can create jobs, access high quality active and passive talent, shortlist, reject, interview and make the offer - all in one place! An intelligent hiring app which gives you analytics and insights on talent even before you meet them, thereby saving you tons of time and effort.

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  • Knolskape Logo Curved

    KNOLSKAPE is an award-winning immersive gamification and simulation software company focusing on talent transformation. Using experiential learning products, they help organizations attract, grow and retain talent. Global Fortune 500 companies and Top-10 B-schools use KNOLSKAPE's

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  • Sheroes Logo-2

    A platform for women with ambition and aspirations, SHEROES offers a career world with opportunities, high growth career resources, mentorship, skills and support. A community built around principles of learning, growth and sharing, the members access most diverse work formats.

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Remember these four lessons if you are planning a start-up

Everyone's betting big on India's start-up culture. And we do have young entrepreneurs mushrooming across the country. Some become names to reckon (read Snapdeal and Flipkart, Housing.com) with while others fade away with time. While ideation, execution and sustainability are the basic mantras for a start-up, it is the nitty-gritty involved in these stages of a new company, which makes a start-up a roaring success. "In the complex world of entrepreneurship, it is difficult to avoid operational and strategic missteps. But the real reason a large number of entrepreneurs feel dispirited is the feeling that their enterprise has gone the wrong way. Whether it is the product/market fitment, scalability, or other managerial issues, one should not give up before all the key elements have been tried and tested," said Utkarsh Joshi, Principal at the HR Fund. BI India lists down t...

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How To Get Your HR Solution Startup Funded

The Indian startup scene is an exciting phase with entrepreneurship at its zenith. In addition to several government initiatives to promote entrepreneurship, venture capitalists sank $4 Bn into India in 2014 in some 300 deals—almost twice as much money as they invested in 2013 and 14 times the level of a decade ago, according to Indian data tracker, Venture Intelligence. Many a times, entrepreneurs rush to seek funding without having a strong grip on their own business or on investor's needs or criteria. Given such a scenario wherein India Inc. is looking forward to organized staffing and workforce solutions to reach its various business goals, the HR solution companies have witnessed considerable evolution with niche, customized, and innovative products and systems with increased focus on technological interventions for staffing, recruitment, and other HR shared services...

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Using a hiring aid

Using a hiring aid

Chennai-based start-up PiQube helps companies hire faster and better by matching job needs to the right candidates. A few months ago, a Singapore-based bank was looking for candidates with knowledge of FORTRAN, a programming language that’s not in vogue anymore. Its search was desperate, as all its systems still run on FORTRAN. Yet, none of its attempts bore fruit. When it did finally bear fruit, it was thanks to a proprietary algorithm (say, a formula) built by a Chennai-based start-up called PiQube. Started by 32-year-old Jayadev Mahalingam, PiQube wants to help companies hire faster and better, by matching job needs to the right candidates. The start-up, groundwork for which began in 2014, was in the news a few days ago when a human resource focussed private investment company called the HR Fund invested $500,000 (about Rs 3.2 crore) into it. It was the second public re...

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