2012-2016 Transactions (VC/PE, M&A, IPO)
Source: HRF Primary and Secondary Reseach

Over the last 5 years, Tech investments in
HR have grown at 25% CAGR – with marquee exits


Globally, Human Resources is almost a whopping $54 billion industry, according to the current research by the Everest group. It’s no surprise then that close to $14 billion of that pie has been contributed by one single vertical- HR technology. In just 2016, investments in this segment went past $1968 million globally. Industries have created so much value and commerce by deploying HR-tech that the world is greedily gobbling up whatever there is to offer.

Indian HR Market

  • Strong and stable growth sector
  • Scalability and high margin potential
  • High Returns on Invested Capital
  • Mature US market shows achievable growth; Indian industry still nascent

India has been surfing the same waves for the past few years and has notched up some very significant wins. As the fastest growing country, India commands a nearly $600-700 million slice from the global pie of $54 billion and is expected to grow at a massive 25% as compared to the global growth rate of just 8.1%. Even though HR technology is still in its nascency in India, it has already achieved a base of $0.5 billion.

Indian HR industry saw $350M(USD) worth transactions during year 2012 - 16

If current technology consumption is anything to go by, the future looks promising for India to emerge as one of the biggest creators and consumers of HR-technology across the world.

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